Gisele Bundchen
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The Last Supermodel

"Some of y’all aint writin well, too concerned with fashion
None of you aint Gizelle, cat walk and imagine”

(song lyric: Eve - Let Me Blow Ya Mind ft. Gwen Stefani)

Gisele is finally getting her own photo book dedicated about her! It will be published by Taschen by art director Giovanni Bianco. 

Mario Testino about Gisele in a recent interview:

Mario Testino talks about his passions: Brazil, Peru,
art and Gisele Bundchen
Q:Who is your favorite model?
A:Gisele, Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova are just some of the models with whom I enjoy working. Gisele is perfect in many ways. She is not only a beautiful woman, with great proportions, perfect skin, everything. She is a person with energy to be around and is a wonderful person inside.
Q: Gisele Bundchen is one of the most present models in exposure. How to show her in so many new ways?
A:Gisele knows what is really important to contribute to the photo. If I ask her to do something, she’ll just keep doing it until it works out.
Q: You were essential in Gisele’s career, betting on when people rejected her because she too thin or said the nose was too big. What led you to bet on that new
face, unlike others?
A: Sometimes, when you find someone special, you just know. It has to do with timing. When I met Gisele, aesthetics for models was that of a boy. And she was far
from it. She was not in vogue at that time. But Gisele has incredible proportions, is very sensual and, above all, has an incredibly fun personality.

Gisele said in a recent interview she only accepts 30% of the jobs she is offered. She had 17 + campaigns this past season. Can you imagine her list if she accepted all jobs? damn…

What other model can simultaneously be chosen for an athletic campaign usually reserved only for star athletes (Under Armour) whilst being chosen for a fragrance campaign usually only reserved for Movie Stars (Chanel No. 5) ?

Gisele is Gisele.

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